The Man

Born in 1986. Kind of reborn in 2017.

2017 was a crucial year, I had a motorcycle accident that made me reevaluate and adapt to a new reality.

Since then I founded PMELP and proudly align my values with my company's to hopefully become a better person, a better professional and a better friend.


Working since 2012 in the industry, I was able to realize that it is essential to be connected with markets, technologies and processes.

As such, Design needs to be an intricate part of a bigger picture to be able to generate value and continuity.


My latest venture is called PMELP, a digital transformation agency who aims to support SME's/SMB's (we call them PME's in Portuguese) and other entrepreneurs.

Since the very start, our mission and values are strongly defined to help and support. We're always happy to work with like-minded people, searching for better digital solutions.

The Work

The work is 20% creativity,
30% planning
and 100% heart and soul.
Totalling 150%
(strong math skills... I know)
of hard and smart work.

But you (yes you) are the real legend

The love and support I have been receiving from all of you is definitely the reason why I keep pushing myself to make things better.

Get in touch, leave a message and let's talk for a bit.

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Stay safe, stay well, ok?